Making lesson plans

I have always thought being a teacher would be an interesting job. In high school I decided to teach a 4-H class and i absolutely loved it. From there I set my sights on getting a degree in Middle school education. That is what lead me to Western Oregon University and to the ED 270 Class I am currently in. In this class I have learned many things about education and have gained all sorts of knowledge and experience. Perhaps the most useful is learning how to make a lesson plan and being able to receive feedback from your peers.

When making a lesson plan, there are so many aspects you have to take in to account. One aspect is making sure everybody is learning at their pace. If you have Students who are part of the TAG program you as a teacher must be able to accommodate them and make sure they are learning the entire time you have them in your class. The other thing the teachers have to be aware of is the lack of electronics in homes. Some students have had an I phone since birth and could tell you exactly how to work every app. some students have never touched a computer. as a teacher we need to accommodate all of these people.

The hardest thing I have had to learn is integrating the common core standards into my lesson plan. I learned to find the standards you want to cover first and design a lesson around one of the standards, or a group that are similar so that you aren’t stretching the relevance. what I really liked about making the lesson plan is that I got to make a lesson plan that would have really engaged me as a kid. I included all sorts of websites we learned about this term. The main website in my  lesson plan is, this website allows you to do research without opening 100 tabs on your internet browser. Many of the resources I used in designing my lesson plan are on my blog already, you can get to my homepage by clicking here. Learning to use word press will help me teach my future students how to use it and it will give my students a great way for the students to share their ideas.


One thought on “Making lesson plans

  1. This was a really reflective piece. Nice work on your unit plan, by the way. Thank you for all of your contributions to the course this term, Jacob. I wish you well in your future endeavors!


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